Saturday, October 31, 2009

StoryBook Saturday

Starting October 1, 2009 you will want to have updated your StoryBook Creator software for a special treat! This update added a new project type....Introducing the new 12x18 Calendar!

This new calendar is so AWESOME and I am super excited to tell you about it! Now you can tell an entire year’s worth of stories and more! The new 12x18 size features perforations that tear off and transform into a 12x12 page. Just fold and tear the calendar section from the page using the perforations and place on an Everyday Display, inside a Picfolio Max Album, or Side-Loading Sleeve inside a Creative Memories Album.

You can order on November 1! To entice you even further, Creative Memories has a SUPERFANTASTIC Sale!

Save an additional 20% when you purchase two or more calendars from Nov. 1-15! Let me know what you think about this exciting new functionality and calendar!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tech Tuesday

Technically this is a thread:
and perhaps should be featured on Thursday; but there is so much fantastic technical info on photos, images and storybooks that it fits here too!

The thread comes from Mark Mizen, the amazing Guru of all things digital at Creative Memories and is an amazing resource. Enjoy, Elena

Monday, October 26, 2009

Memory Manager Monday

It appears that I have fallen asleep at the blog! So sorry to have neglected my it is!

Instructions for installing and upgrading to Memory Manager 3.0
These are all tips shared from other consultants and our wonderful Tech Support.
If you already have Memory Manager 2.0 and you are upgrading you need to take these precautionary steps.
1. Open your Memory Manager Vault. (if you have more than one you need to do this with each one, open each vault one at a time and do steps 2&3)
2. On the top tab go to Memory Vault>Manage your Memory Vault. Then click on Run Health Check. If their is any thing that needs repair the program will walk you through it and it is really simple. If it is healthy it will tell you nothing needs to be done. Now this is important so that when your running 3.0 all your information will convert over.
3. Then you need to make a back up of your vaults. (I am NOT talking about a shadow copy. You need to go wherever your vault is stored and make a copy. This could take over an hour or so to copy depending on how much information there is. (I get it started and go do something else) Do this for each vault. This is really just a extra safety step, not necessary but advised because your shadow copy for 2.0 will NOT work in 3.0.
4. After you have made your back ups it time to install 3.0. Either you have Ordered a disk or a download from my site
NOTE: You need to have your serial number from 2.0 to activate your 3.0 upgrade. Either have your original 2.0 case with the serial number on the back OR find your serial number by going into MM 2.0 and go to Help>About
If you have a disk just insert the disk and follow the prompts. If you are going to Download a copy you can either save or run right from the link that you click to download. I first clicked on Run, but I also re-visited the link and saved a copy so and made my own disk. Be sure to write down the serial number. You will also get a link to download the user guide.
5. Once MM 3.0 is successfully installed you can remove and uninstall 2.0. Once your vault is moved to 3.0 it will no longer work in 2.0! To remove or uninstall go to your control panel and go to add or remove programs and find Memory Manager 2.0 on the list and click remove. (these instructions may differ if you use vista)
and that's it! Easy Peesy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

FAQ Friday



Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thread Thursday

This is the new Creative Memories Blog and it's a fabulous resource!

Headings include BYOB (Be Your Own Boss), Ideas, Free 4 Me, Software Solutions, Product Solutions, All About Images, Inside CM and Why?

My particular favourites are:
  • Free 4 Me (always love a freebie)
  • Software Solutions (the most recent posting has some awesome info about digital calendar templates and customizing your calendar in SB+)
  • All bout Images (postings by Mark Mizen the image guru for CM blogging about issues releated to imaging and image permanence)
  • Inside CM (a fun blog from the people who work at home office, lots of video tidbits too, a real eye-opener to how products are created and packaged)

Happy Thursday! Elena